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Our family business was created in the 90s by Nicole and Bernard, in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille. The goal was to manufacture a soap, worthy of descending from traditional Marseille soap, which can be more fun so that bar of soap becomes a product of everyday life. The work started in their kitchen of the family apartment. Today, you can see them on the markets and fairs of the Marseillaise region. Several years later. Nicole and Bernard are joined by their two sons, Sébastien, and Julien. The family has continued to grow, it now consists of 12 people. The main principle is to make the soap simple, fun and efficient. Core Values: Handmade, made in environmental friendly production. Quality ingredients. Excellent lather. Savon de Marseille are available in more than 100 scents and perfumes from here and elsewhere, the Savonnette Marseillaise of 125 grams is enriched with organic shea butter. There are also authentic traditional cubes bars, soap on a rope, galet, tandem soap, donkey milk soap and other specialities.


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